August 26, 2011

Conference Bound: Look 2

Last Week I announced that I would be attending this year's Independent Fashion Bloggers conference in New York on September 7th. The date is fast approaching (13 days and counting) and while I am consumed with the business and technical aspects of making my blog better, I am also in a panic as to what wear. So today I am presenting a second Polyvore set of another possible outfit(Check out last week's look here). I was inspired by the archetype of the tough lady reporter in heels (of course). Think Rosalind Russell in "His Girl Friday" or Lois Lane from DC Comics "Superman". Tough as nails, on a mission, but always looking sharp.
Well what do you think does this look top last week's or leave you feeling eh? What would you suggest I wear? Describe in the comment box and I just might make a Polyvore set based on your suggestion.


  1. While I like this week's look, I prefer the look of last week better. It has a more professional appearance.

  2. Oooo you're so lucky! That is something to worry about finding what to wear - I'm sure whatever you pick is going to be fabulous. Be sure to share it on your blog :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog <3


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