August 19, 2011

Big News On The Blog Front

Even though my blog is still in its infancy I know I want to continue writing and see the blog expand and grow into the next year.  How can I learn more, how can I connect with other bloggers, with my audience, how do I monetize?  So many questions that I hope to have answered on September 7 at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in NYC.  I will be there, excited and nervous, with my pen in hand jotting notes like crazy, flinging business cards left and right and trying to look pro (perhaps I should dispense with the card flinging then). There will be panel led discussions with top bloggers, covering things like the business of blogging, building your social media presence and more.  A "major industry pro" is the promised key note speaker, I will dish the details as I learn more.

With the promise of all I can learn in the forefront of my mind, the thoughts (well thought) occupying the back of my mind is...what am I going to wear.  This question has provoked serious anxiety, while I have a few weeks (20 days to be exact) I want to make sure my outfit is just right. I will be surrounded by fashionable, creative ladies and gents, it is seriously intimidating. To alleviate some of the anxiety I have begun strategizing my outfit.  See Look 1:Smarty Pants, below.

Looking Conference Like

Let me know your thoughts on the look. Do you like, do you not like (please explain, the more specific the better). I am open to any suggestions, heck if I like your suggestion I might make a polyvore set based on your comment for next week's look.


  1. I really like the splash of colour the cobalt clutch brings to this outfit.

  2. The neutral color pieces make for a sophisticated look. I agree with Angela the clutch does add a nice touch of color and accompanied by the different jewelry pieces, your sure to look like a real smarty pants. I love the look of the ankle boots. I am just skeptical about their comfort with you gallivanting around the city. Have fun at the conference!

  3. Angela and JudyG, isn't amazing how a beautiful bright accessory can make a difference to an outfit. I have a lot of neutrals so adding a bright accessory is an instant easy outfit upgrade.


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