August 8, 2011

Currently Obsessed: Maxi or Midi Skirts?

Midi Skirt on the runway, from the Preen Fall 2011 collection
Welcome to this week's edition of currently obsessed, can I take you order?  I'll have a maxi skirt, no a midi skirt, um wait I can't decide, I want them both.  Long floor grazing maxi skirts have been a ruling trend for the spring and summer months and looks to be continuing into the fall.  Alongside these dust gatherers though is another skirt length that seems to gaining momentum  and looks to be the maxi's competitor for the fall.  This skirt is the midi skirt, named thus, because it hits mid-way down the calf. While this trend can be dodgy for the short or thick legged, I nonetheless love it and I believe it can be styled to flatter most figures.

The key to a flattering fit for a petite woman is a slimmer silhouette, when the skirt is too voluminous it will overwhelm and weight down smaller frames.  Look for midi skirts in petite sizes or plan to have the skirt hemmed to get the right length. The style of skirt will also look most flattering with a heel.  If you have wide calves find a midi skirt that hits just above or just below the widest part of your leg,  if the skirt length lands at the thickest part of your calves that is where the eye will naturally go.  Be prepared to hem the skirt to get the length just right.  Another suggestion for you thrifty and crafty diva's take a maxi skirt from your closet or find one at a thrift store and shorten the skirt to transform it into a midi.

In this week's rundown I have included a selection of midi skirts in multiple incarnations and prices for your shopping pleasure.

The Under $100 Bunch:

The More Expensive Sisters:

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  1. The midi skirt can comfortably be worn in the spring, summer and fall season. There are a variety of styles of midi skirts that can flatter most figures, but what about the maxi skirt? Will that work on the petite frame?


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