August 14, 2011

That's My Bag Baby

The Independent Fashion Bloggers post weekly challenges, thematic ideas for posts and ask members to participate.  On Friday they posted project #9 and this time they want to know what's in my bag. Well first I wanted to slap them, didn't their mother teach them never to ask a lady what's in her purse, oh wait, maybe that's her age or weight.  Anyway, I decided to oblige them and answer the question with a picture.  So I apologize for the title, but ever since I have heard that there is going to another Austin Powers movie I have had random quotes running through my head.  "That's not my bag baby" for example.  The purse in the picture below is my bag, one ( I have a problem shhh) of my bags.  I had to downsize my purse recently because I was carrying way to much around (and throwing my shoulder all out wack).  I picked up this Michael Michael Kors number (50% off baby) and narrowed down what I put in it, to the most basic supplies.  I have dumped it out, then arranged it prettily, to share my portable world with you.  Please note for visual purposes random receipts, old tissues and loose change are not shown in the picture, I am human.

  • Sephora leopard print make-up case, which usually contains...
  • Favorite Lipstick, currently PeaceKeeper: Paint Me Compassionate.  Red lipstick can save the day or at least boost my mood.
  • Mirrored Compact, to make sure I don't have anything going on in my teeth.
  • Nail File Matchbook because I never seem to have a nail file on me when my nail breaks
  • iPhone with a Fred Retro cover on, I love that my new fangled tech-nol-ogy looks like an old camera.
  • Headphones wrapped around Bobino cord tamer, which is the best thing ever for keeping cord untangled.
  • Notebook for my brilliant (yeah right) ideas, otherwise I forget things in a second (literally a sec..what was I saying).
  • Pen to record ideas in notebook
  • Business cards in zippered pouch
  • DKNY Sunglasses (my eyes are very sensitive to bright light, I am not a vampire) and microfiber cloth (I can't fit a glass case in my bag)
  • Lodis Wallet it's bright red, easy to find in a dark purse.

What are you toting around in your purse, if you don't mind me asking?




  1. Love your bag! it's so stylish!


  2. Love the Sephora makeup case. Did you get it recently? I want one :). Awesome blog, too!


  3. Hi Bobbi, I got the sephora makeup case in June, they still have it online and it's on sale!

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it .


  4. Great post! I adore seeing what everyone else has in their purses :) I am in love with your mini zippered pouch - I too have to keep my cards in a separate pouch from my wallet or I'd never be able to open it :P


  5. Tiny dancer, this was such a fun project. It was so addicting to see what was in the bloggers bags, I just kept clicking the next link. The little zipper pouch was a gift from a friend who bought it when they were in China. I could never figure out how to fit my business cards in my wallet without bursting it. I guess I'm not the only one. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. You know I think this is a good activity for every woman to help clean out the clutter that usually takes place in almost every woman's bag.

  7. Great post! :D
    You've a lovely blog. Follow me! :)
    Rougeberry Fashion


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