September 27, 2011

The Book Clutch Crush

I have a bit of a crush. The object of my desire is utterly gorgeous and sadly completely out of my reach. No, I'm not talking about a person, I am talking about about Kate Spade's Book Clutch collection. These clever contraptions appear to be a book on the exterior, with a gorgeous cover and a brief excerpt on the back, but lo and behold they open up to reveal they are not a book at all, but a purse. Kate Spade's website currently has six classic titles to choose from, my favorites are the Emma and Pride and Prejudice clutches. While I adore the design to no end the thing that's stopping me is the price tag. Each of the clutches ring in at $325, yes I am swallowing back tears. Fear not, I am not defeated, I have compiled of list of book clutch awesomeness for under $100 (from the repository of crafty-ness Etsy).  
1945 Vintage Book Clutch, $45 from Etsy Shop Hoakonhelga

Pride and Prejudice Book Purse, $89 from Etsy Shop Spoonfulofchocolate

Little Women Book Clutch, $40 from Etsy Shop TheWriteStuff Design
Emma Book Purse, $70 from Etsy Shop Meitira

Shakespeare Book Clutch, $62 from Etsy Shop BiblioBags
They are pretty awesome, no?  I am even thinking I could try my hand at making my own book clutch, with the right cover and materials.  I will keep you posted if I try to DIY.


  1. My favorite is the Pride and Prejudice book purse from Etsy. The Shakespeare clutch is cute too. A very clever idea.

  2. JudyG there were so many darling designs I found it was hard to pick just a few. The Jane Austen Book purse can probably hold the most since it has the widest binding.


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