September 20, 2011

Dior Pretty Party

A few weeks ago I was asked by Lucky Magazine to host a Dior Makeup Event at my local Bloomingdales. An evening in Bloomies, playing with makeup (not just any makeup, the super lux Dior Makeup line), count me in. This last Thursday was the special night, it was so much fun, I learned a lot and I got to explore the full range of Dior products. A small group of us assembled at the Dior counter. Dior had graciously provided the snacks (yummy mini cupcakes Baked by Melissa) and refreshments. There tables were set with Dior samples, from skincare to makeup, for our "classroom".

Guests all received a copy of the October issue of Lucky, featuring the lovely Rachel Weisz on the cover.
Tables set with Dior samples in our "classroom".
Delicious mini cupcakes Baked by Melissa.  I really like the PB&J one.
 My guests and I were there to learn the basics of makeup application and how to take the classic daytime look to an evening event. I got to sit back as the model, while our wonderful Dior trainer Ann Moeller demonstrated the products and techniques. My guests had the wonderful guiding hands of the other Dior experts Carol and Gloria to help the with their skincare and makeup application.

Me naked faced! It's important to start with a clean and moisturized "canvas" before applying any makeup.

The first step for proper makeup application is always skincare, as Ann pointed out skincare preps the "canvas" for the foundation and eye makeup. If the skin is not properly moisturized it will pull the foundation into the pores. My favorite product from the skincare section was Dior Cleansing Water. I had a arrived from work with semi melted makeup and Ann quickly whisked it away with the cool, fragrant, refreshing cleansing water. Another tid bit I want to share is that when applying moisturizer make sure to pat it in gently and give it time to absorb before applying foundation.

Marge gently applying Capture Totale eye cream.

Once skincare was understood and applied, we moved on to makeup. That's when Ann introduced a completely new (to me at least) type of foundation application. She used Diorskin Airflash a spray on foundation designed to delivery an even application of color, giving the skin an airbrushed appearance. Airflash can also be applied to a large brush and buffed into the skin. After the foundation Ann applied Diorskin Skinflash radiance booster pen, an amazing hybrid concealer highlighter designed to eliminate shadows and conceal imperfections. The brush tip lets you apply just enough to cover and it glides onto the skin smoothly. I really like this product I felt like it made a huge difference in brightening my overall appearance.  A sweep of blush completed the complexion and brought out the contours of the face.

Spraying on Airflash foundation to create an even, flawless complexion.

Ann talks about the benefits and application of the Skinflash Pen.

I know the eyebrows might seem like something you can get away with not doing, especially for daytime makeup, but I assure you they have the power to make a tremendous impact. Ann showed my guests and me how to brush brows upward to open up the eye area and how to fill in the brows with a pencil for a natural look with some major impact.   Best line of the night delivered by Ann, "remember you eyebrows are sisters not twins".  The trick to brow perfection is making sure that your brows start peak and end in the right place. The brows should line up with the outside corner of the nose peak on the outer edge of the iris and end at 40 degree angle from the corner of the eye.

Making sure brows align with outside edge of the nose.

Marge making sure her brows line up with the outside corner of her nose.

On to the eyes! My guests and I dabbled with the new Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky eye palettes.  The palettes come with 3 monochromatic hues that let you adjust the drama of the eye area.  A quick flick of eyeliner and some swipes of the amazing (no seriously, love it) Dior Show mascara and we are almost done with our daytime pretty look.  The last step but certainly not the least is choosing a lip color.  First Ann lined my lips with a soft pink pencil, which I never do, but should it made a huge difference.  Next she applied Dior Addict Lipstick in Tulle, a soft pinkish nude.  The Addict lipstick line is perfect for the lipstick phobe, it has the color intensity of a lipstick and the smooth glassy finish of a gloss.

Ann applied Dior Addict Lipstick in Tulle using a lip brush for a smooth even coat of color.
Lucky very generously gave my guests and me Lucky Bucks to put towards our purchase for the evening.  Here is what was in my shopping bag. 
Here are some pictures of my guests and my finished look. Glamorous, no? A big thank you to the Dior Team; Andrea, Ann, Carol and Gloria, and Lucky Magazine for sponsoring the evening.


  1. Looks like everyone had fun glamming it up.

  2. JudyG it was a lot of fun, a great way to spend a ladies night out.


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