September 6, 2011

What I'm Bringing to The IFB Conference

This is the first year that I am attending the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference and while I am insanely excited, I am also equally nervous.  The biggest question that keeps flashing in my mind, aside from what do I wear, is what do I need to bring.  I am one of those kids who likes to be over prepared rather than underprepared.  Yes, I would rather look like a dork lugging a bunch a stuff I might not use, than be the person wandering around asking to borrow a pen.  Fortunately I found a couple articles that were posted on the IFB website on the topics of what to expect and what to bring.  My nerves calmed considerably after reading both pieces, and having a clearer vision of the day and I was able to formulate a plan.  I am still not entirely certain as to what I am going to wear, but I have put together my kit of what I need to bring.  

What's In My Kit:
Purse (for essentials): Michael Michael Kors
Tote Bag (for the extras): Reisenthel Foldable bag
Business Cards: Lots and lots of business cards
Camera: Canon Powershot SD850 IS
iPhone: loaded with apps like; Twitter, facebook, Videolicious to name a few
Chargers: For camera and iPhone
Note book: Brandy new beautiful blank pages
Pens: In fun colors of course pink, purple and yes you can borrow one

That's the rundown of what I am bringing, hopefully I didn't forget anything (please email me if I did).  I thought of bringing my laptop and DSLR, but I didn't want to be lugging around too much, maybe next year.  Are any of you heading to the conference, if so please find me and say hi?  I plan on posting coverage of the IFB conference by Monday the 12th, so check back for; photos, rundown of the panelists and the keynote speaker and a little of my take away.  If you want to follow my day at the conference follow me on Twitter @jrosestyle or like J. Rose Style on Facebook.  Wish me luck, talk to you soon.




  1. Hi Jennifer,
    That's awesome! Have a great time!

  2. Have fun!! So sad I am missing the IFB conference this year -- it is always amazing. Cool that you've posted the live stream! :)

    xx Laura

  3. Laura, Sorry you won't be attending this year, I would have loved to meet you. You can always check out the live stream on the blog here. I also will be doing a follow up post, I hope you check back.

    P.S. :Checked out you blog, great photos, love your personal style! Following on bloglovin'.

  4. Thanks, Whitney! I will be reporting back here on the blog, I hope you come back to check it out.

  5. Hi! I hope you have an amazing time and bring back lots of new ideas!


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