September 15, 2011

Currently Obsessed: Rain Boot Round-Up

Over the weekend I made a tragic discovery, my favorite, make that my only rain boots, had a hole in them. It was a rather unpleasant and sloshy realization. The hole was around the base of the boot where the shaft meets the sole. While I brainstormed on how to possibly fix them, I eventually decided that the best thing to do is to retire them. The boots had served me well over the last two years. They served a dual purpose as rain and snow boots(adding extra thick wooly socks) and I can't imagine my wardrobe without them. This decision sent me into a rain boot searching frenzy, I found myself easily overwhelmed, there are so many styles to choose from now. It seems like it is going to be tough to pick just one. I rounded up my favorites and I am sharing some of my finds with you today.

Are you a fan of rain boots or do you loathe their existence? Do you have a pair of rain boots that you own and swear by? Do tell, I want to know which ones make your fashion and function cut.


  1. I haven't owned one! Don't need one in Texas :)

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  2. I received a pair of rain boots as a gift and was surprised on how much use I get out of them. When it is rainy and wet, I just slip them on and go.
    I like the black rain boots with the bow best of all!

  3. Tanvi, I guess in Texas the arid weather doesn't call for rain boots. :)

    Judy G, when I first bought my pair of rain boots I though it was a silly purchase, figuring I'd only wear them occasionally. I ended up wearing them all the time and when it was snowing I would just add wooly socks. They are so useful.

  4. Jennifer - Great post! I LOVE my rain boots; I LIVE in mine from Sept - May whenever it is wet (snow or rain). Definitely get a new pair - mine are Burberry and they are SO comfortable.



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