September 13, 2011

FNO: Westchester Style

Hi all! I hope you had a wonderful Fashion's Night Out (I want to hear all about it, so leave me a note in the comments).  I was debating whether I would trek into the city or stay home and see what the internet had to offer, but when I found out that the Westchester Mall in White Plains was going to be participating in the fashion fun-ness, I knew I had to go there.  So here's how I celebrated FNO in Westchester Style. 

The Westchester Mall, if you have never been, is an elegant three level structure, think marble and indoor fountains.  Most of the action for FNO could be found on the main concourse of the first level.  Booths were set up to guide shoppers to the store's holding special events, food vendors had tables to distribute samples, stores were holding special raffles and feather hair extensions were being donned.  There was no one demographic out in force, which goes to show the mass appeal of an evening out, with shopping, food, entertainment and music.  A live DJ was spinning tunes on the concourse by Nordstroms, while women of all ages lined up for a custom temporary glitter tattoos.  Black and red feather boas were being handed out to the shopping revelers, who proudly wore them while they surveyed the fun and went off to shop. The two flagship departments stores in the mall hosted live  fashion events. Nordstroms held a presentation of the fall fashions and Neiman Marcus hosted a live fashion shoot.  The fashion shoot had up-and-coming photographers competing to capture a winning image of models striking poses in this fall's hot designer garb. 

All in all it was a great evening out for all ages, the shopping almost, almost came second.  I stopped by BCBG, Cole Haan and Dooney and Bourke who had treats and raffles for the special evening.  I also did some shopping damage while I sipped sparkling water at Ann Taylor.  I hope the Westchester Mall continues the FNO party next year.  

Black and red balloons flanked a table where guests entered a raffle to meet Tim Gunn of Project Runway.

Dooney and Bourke wore there FNO pride on their sleeve er.. window.  Guests entered for a chance to win a Quilted Gramercy Duffle Bag.

Some yummy treats provided by the Melting Pot restaurant in White Plains.  I went with the dark chocolate dip, it was fondue-licious!

P.F Chang's was serving up their famous and fabulous lettuce wraps.
FNO revelers, in black and red feather boas, check out the offerings on the concourse.
FNO attendees had feather hair added to their locks.
Photographers snapping pictures of the models wearing fall fashions from Neiman Marcus.

Model waiting on the side lines of the photo shoot wearing this fall's hottest trends

DJ spinning tunes in the entry of Neiman Marcus.

Woman accessorizing her arm with a temporary glitter tattoo.

Another DJ spun hot mixes on the concourse by Nordstrom.
 Shoppers sample some sweet treats courtesy of Nordstrom.
The are a couple things I would like to see for next year. One is more stores participating in the festivities.  I found that the more stores that were a part of the party with entertainment, food and raffles, the more excitement they contributed to their area. Second thing that I would like to see is the music, beauty and food vendors distributed throughout the main walkways of the mall.  While the main concourse was abuzz with action, some parts of the mall were left feeling a little desolate and far removed from the feel of Fashion's Night Out. 

Did you go to FNO? If so what did you think? 

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  1. I am sorry that I missed it, but am looking forward to checking it out next year.


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