September 30, 2011

Weekend DIY: A Little Inspiration from Around the Web

With fall in full swing in the Northeast it's always fun to spend the day outdoors, but fall weather can have some dreary rainy days as well. For the days I am stuck indoors I love to take on a little crafting project. In today's post I have rounded up my current fav DIY projects from around the web. They all are simple with minimal materials, one-day projects that can bring out the inner craft goddess in any girl. Happy Crafting and have a lovely weekend.

Project 1: DIY Sparkly Headband

Project 2: DIY Bow Tie

 Project 3: Rustic Candle Holder

Project 4: DIY Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet
From: Everything Fabulous


  1. I am not the crafty sort of girl, but I love the rustic candle holder. With the holidays coming soon, any of these items would make excellent gifts.

  2. Oooo great selection! I'm definitely going to try the headband and bracelet sometime :) Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog <3


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