November 1, 2011

Costume Confection

Today I am trying something a little different instead of my usual pictorial outfit posts I am doing a video outfit post. Are you still with me...okay, good. Halloween appeals to so many people because of the power to temporarily transform yourself into someone completely different. When in costume it is easy to get into character, be bolder, because you are masquerading as someone as. While dressed as my saucy little flapper I decided to try taking some video of the outfit as well as my usual picture. I liked how the video looked and in the spirit of being a bolder self (even if I am posing as someone else) I am going to post it to see what you think.

So what are your thoughts on a video outfit post. Does it show the clothes to their best advantage? Does it give you a better sense of my style? Or do you prefer the photographs?


  1. I liked the video. I think you should slow down your movements for a better effect. Nice costume!

  2. Honestly, that could be everyday wear. Great outfit, great costume...whatever way you choose to wear it.


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