November 7, 2011

The Leo In Me

I often find that when I am stuck for inspiration turning to the blogging community almost always provides me with an idea.  This week I have had a lot of other things on my mind, so when I sat down to blog this morning it was just me, the computer and a blank post.  Rather than force something I began looking at what other blogger's were writing about, I looked at my Twitter feed and surfed over to the Independent Fashion Blogger's page.  Viola! Right there on the homepage was an IFB challenge for the week.  The challenge was to write about your astrological sign, identifying common traits for that sign that you possess and write about horoscopes and predictions.  I was excited, I pulled up Photoshop and created a collage to serve as the artwork and I began researching characteristics for my astrological sign.

What's my sign?  I am a Leo (July 23 to August 22).  I find astrology interesting, the ability to identify the inherent traits of a Leo in myself makes me feel somehow connected to other people who share my sign.  Of all the signs of the zodiac there is not one I would rather be than a Leo.  Granted not all the characteristics written about Leo's are true for me.  Here's a little list of traits that are true to me and traits that I feel don't quite match up.

Slightly Dramatic
Playful, Enjoy Having fun
Need for Approval

Not So Much:
Need to Be Center Stage

I used to check my horoscope daily, now I'm lucky if I remember.  Personally I thought it was more interesting to check at the end of the day so that you could make connections with what happened during the day and what the horoscope predicted.  Honestly I have never had a horoscope that I remembered, so I don't know if they were ever that spot on. Maybe I will have to go back to checking. 

So what's your sign (I'm not being cheeky, I really want to know)?  Have you ever had a horoscope prediction come true?


  1. thats an interesting post :)
    I am a gemini though I have never given much attention to horoscopes, I am not even aware about all the traits of my sun sign... got to google it :)

  2. I am a libra. Checking my horoscope daily is not my style, however I do believe that I exhibit some of the traits of a libra. For instance, I feel that things should always be fair and just. The other traits of my sign elude me. I guess I'm not that interested to research it.

  3. I'm a Leo toooooo!!! Not only that but we seem to have pretty much the same attributes of the sign. I don't read horoscopes, i just don't believe much in them, unless you take it as a place of inspiration. I think people can make just about anything happen with conviction whether it be positive or negative. So if you do place weight in them they for sure can "come true" as it were.

    Love this post :)
    xoxo kat

  4. Hi gals thanks for reading. It's interesting that you all Purvi JudyG and Katie don't really follow your horoscopes. I use horoscopes merely for amusement, I agree with what Katie said that anyone who believes in horoscopes can see parallels in their life.


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