November 2, 2011

Outfit Chronicles: A Thrifted Bunch

From September till up until...well now, I feel like my presence disappeared from my blog. My regular photogs were no longer available on my whim( I can be very whimmy) and I was in a clothing slump. But no more, I am back to outfit posting (and getting dressed in the morning) with the help of a Joby tripod for my iphone and a Canon timer for my camera. I am still experimenting with the vlogging format after viewing the IFB TV post on turning blog content into video. I am trying to be innovative and do new things with the blog and I am relying on you, readers to give me feedback. I value your thoughts and would love for you to share them in the comments of the post. It only takes a second, please, please, please.


  1. All together, a great look. Ok, now for a breakdown...I am an accessory girl so that bag and ring were definitely on point (I also love Lia Sophia). My daughter and I dig dark colors on nails so that was working for me too.

  2. Tara T. thanks for the feedback. I am really loving dark nail colors lately too.

  3. I simply adored the whole look. The red handbag added a little pizazz! Using video adds a new dimension to your blog. Way to go!


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