November 16, 2011

In Search Of A Higher Rise

I really believe that knowing your proportions can help you find clothes that flatter, you know emphasize what you love, down play the stuff you don't.  I am petite, but my proportions are longer torso shorter legs.  If you saw me sitting you would swear I was taller.  For some time now because of personal preference and availability I have worn my denim low slung.  This may not have been the most flattering choice for someone with a long torso - short leg combo, but the low rise denim was what was widely available (unless you count the dreaded mom jeans with elastic waists). 

Now more denim labels are embracing the natural waistline which was treated as a no man's land for so long (sniffle).  Introductions; denim meet waist, waist this is denim.  Given the rise (pun completely intended) in higher waist denim I have decided to embrace the trend and seek some pairs out.  Something affordable, under $100 preferably and something with a rise somewhere between rid cage lovin' ridiculous, and ass crack baring shameless.  Here is a roundup of my six favorite pairs.  I also included different cuts in the legs (for you skinny jeans haters) and different washes.  Have you embraced the high waisted jean?  If so what make/model are you rocking?

High Rise Jeans Under $100

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