November 4, 2011

Friday Commandment: Stop Trying to Do it All

This post is dedicated to the multitask-er, the work horse, the person that can't say no,  I know your pain and the swirling dizziness that goes on inside your head.   I find it hard to say no to an idea or task, even if it's my own, I have multiple projects started and not one near finished.  Despite the frustration of these projects and tasks piling up, I know that I will start something new if I get an idea or if I'm asked.

While being helpful, or being productive is empowering, taking on too much is overwhelming and could have the opposite effect, feeling powerless.  Powerless to tackle the multitude of things you said yes to.  There is away out though, remember it's okay to say no, or if possible renege, politely of course.  You are valuable and you are not going to be productive or helpful if you are overwhelmed.  If you feel put on the spot by someone asking a favor politely tell them you will have to think about it, give them the day that you will get back to them and then follow up.  By stepping away from the situation you can analyze if you can realistically accomplish the task. Plus it takes the pressure off of having to give an answer right away.  

When I started this blog I was looking for a fun distraction from a job that was making me miserable.  My blog baby was born.  It provided a creative outlet and welcome distraction from my day job.  I fed it words, pictures, video, nurtured it and corrected it when it was wrong.  Day by day it grew.  Sometimes I had to reign it in and refocus it on the things near and dear to my stylish heart, but it listened. You listened reader, so to you I have to say thank you for your words of encouragement and kind social media support. 

I do believe I have overindulged my blog however, I starting writing five posts a week and I may have gotten in over my head.  Feeling pressure from myself is nothing new, but combined with maintaining a blog, looking for a job and working part time and I realize that my expectation of writing five days a week is not realistic.  To this end I am going to be cutting back on the amount of posts I write each week, from five, to three.  I want to continue to write high quality fashion and style content, it will be much easier for me to do that when I am not spread so thin.  I hope you continue to follow and read.  You can always catch me on Twitter, who knew I would be such a social media chatterbox.



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  1. It is also empowering when one has realized that something has got to change and making the decision to do so. Best of luck to you!


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