November 28, 2011

Style Muse Monday: 1940's College Sweetheart


When I stumbled upon this photo from a 1940's issue of Seventeen Magazine I knew I had some red hot outfit inspiration.   First look you may see just a couple of college cuties, chillaxing after class, one of them has a guy in tow carrying her books, but look again these girls have some wicked style.   Both models are wearing a fairly standard issue plaid skirt, but I like how each is styled slightly differently.  The colors are similar right down to the red shoes, but the woman on the the left has a more sporty look with the drapey blouse and loafers, while the woman on the right has a dressier more feminine take.  
1947 Seventeen Magazine.   Image from here.


Working around the plaid skirt I decided rather than create two similar daytime looks I would create a look for work and a look for a night out on the town.  Either look is statement making and comfy cozy thanks to the plaid flannel draped on the lower half (like wearing a blanket out). Caution: While dolled up in a plaid swing-y skirt random men may offer to carry your books (not that you couldn't carry them yourself). 

Mad About Plaid: Plaid Day at the Office

Mad About Plaid: Plaid By the Moonlight

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  1. Plaid is such a classic look. The plaid by moonlight outfit is absolutely stunning. I also love the oxford flats. Nice post!


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