November 18, 2011

How Do You Store Your Shoe Collection?

I was flipping through my Bloglovin reader when I came to Everything Fabulous' post dedicated entirely to different forms of shoe organization that real women have used.  I stopped, I stared, I was in complete awe of the creativity, the variety and the massiveness of these shoe collections. I say collections because once you have gone beyond ten pairs of shoes it seems fair to consider yourself a collector, a connoisseur in the fine art of footwear.   This was the photo from Everything Fabulous that initially drew me in.

I ask you to just take one moment to allow the beauty and creativity of this shoe storage to wash over you.  Have you absorbed it? Good.  This person has taken a beautiful French style display cabinet and converted it into a completely practical storage solution.  The cabinet loses none of it's functionality or beauty and the shoes get a pretty perch to view and be viewed from.

Here is my current shoe storage solution, I say current since shoe storage in my home is always evolving to accommodate my growing collection.  It doesn't have any of the glamor (sigh how I wish it did) of the above cabinet, but it serves it's purpose of making my footwear visible and easily accessible.

OK I showed you mine now I want to see yours, shoe storage of course (what else would I be talking about).  I want to continue this voyeuristic peek inside other people's closets, so shoot me an email with a picture of your current shoe storage solution and I will create a post of all the pictures I receive (make sure you include your name so I can credit you in my post).  Try to have your pics in by next Friday December 1st.

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