November 30, 2011

Ombré Nails

While I am often impressed and intrigued by the new nail trends that have emerged on the blogosphere I very rarely will get on board with them. Not because I wouldn't want to rock polka dot nails or the like, but because I lack the dexterity needed for it. However here is a nail trend that I can fully get on board with...Ombré nails.  We have seen Ombré clothes, Ombré hair but before you dismiss it as another step in the ridiculous Ombré trend train take a look.

The color is a purple grey with a sheer gold shimmer layered on top.

Extreme Nail Close-Up:  Ignore the ragged cuticles and see how the color progressively gets darker towards the tip.

I spotted this nail polish look over on the blog Cult of Pretty and I knew I had to try. I adjusted the directions in the post since I did not have two different shades of polish that would blend. Instead I used my inexpensive CVS Confetti polish in Moonstruck, which is very watery and needs a million coats to cover. I layered one light coat over the entire nail, then layered a second heavier coat on the top 2/3, finally I added another coat on the tip. With this look precision is not important keeping the edges uneven will add to the painterly effect of this look. The shimmery top coat was the final step and blended the three layers together. I used CND Gold Shimmer sheer polish go my top layer. Really easy, not at all precise, nail polish perfection.

What nail trends have you been loving? What color(s) are you wearing on you nails now.


  1. I am not the trendy kind of person, but I have been donning some of the stunning dark and bright colors, like Sally Hansen's Haute Chocolate and OPI's Are We There Yet?

  2. Sean I am glad to hear that you are experimenting with your nail polish colors. Adding a dash of dark polish to your nails can really change up the look.

  3. OOOO love your ombre nails. It's subtle but very pretty. Great color combo for sure.


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