November 7, 2011

Style Muse Monday: Pat Benatar

I grew up as a child of the 80's.  I wore leggings, with over-sized splatter painted t-shirts, I had a collection of scrunchies and I belted out 80's rock ballads while decked out in ballet leotard.  I had a few favorite songs, but the albums that were always on constant request were by Pat Benatar.  I loved her tough chick persona and the way that she could belt out a fantastically catchy tune.  Looking back at some of the clothes that Benatar wore; the leotards, the leggings, the oversized blazers, most might seem a little dated, but they were certainly precursors to the ostentatious costumes that some pop divas wear today.  However fun her glitzy glam rock looks were I chose this photo for the outfit's simplicity and wearability.  Today's Style Muse Monday is dedicated to the rocking-est rock chick, with the killer voice and model looks, Pat Benatar.

The Inspiration

The Recreation

Treat Me Stripes: Inspired By Pat Benatar

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  1. I agree, Pat Benatar was one of the most talented singers of her time. Her fashion sense was not something that I paid much attention to. However, she looks fantastic in the photo shown here.


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